Zuba’s Soul

Zeinab’s soulful journey to Australia

I left my home in Sudan in 1997 to escape the war in the Nuba Mountains. The journey was difficult and I spent time in a refugee camp before I was blessed with the opportunity to start over in Australia in 2015. I worked in healthcare initially and while I enjoyed helping others in that capacity, my heart lay elsewhere. I was meant to help people enjoy unforgettable meals like those my mother made. The kind she would cook for everyone near enough to share with. Meals that bring people together.

Day by day it became clearer to me that my soul could only be truly fulfilled sharing that gift in the way she taught me. So one day I took that leap and Zuba’s Cafe and Juice was born!

Our food brings people together

It is possible to eat East African food alone but traditionally, our meals are meant to be shared with friends, family, neighbours and strangers in a way that spreads joy throughout the community. In a sense, sharing a delicious meal is just another way to tell someone they are loved, that you enjoy their company and that you care.

Are East African stews really the best?

We take our spices seriously! Some of them are well known, others are regional favourites that most of the world has yet to discover. Some are served fresh, others are aged to perfection and ground at just the right time to add something wondrous to a meal. Perhaps we’re biased but I’m sure this attention to detail makes East African stews the best!